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African Summer Theory Institute


The African Summer Theory Institute (ASTI) is an annual gathering of people interested in doing science. It is for students, professional educators and researchers to come together to learn about exciting topics at the forefront of scientific research. Also, they will exchange ideas and experiences about not just the science itself, but also the teaching and learning of science, and furthering careers in science. High school teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and postdoctoral researchers are especially encouraged to attend. See more about our goals and outlook here.

The 2004 ASTI was held in Cape Town, South Africa, 12th-30th January. It was attended by Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Postdocs, Lecturers and High School Teachers. It had as its focus the topic "Fundamental Physics", with lectures, seminars, colloquia and discussions on Astronomy, Cosmology, Particle Physics, Black Holes and Quantum Gravity, and Superstring Theory. There were also extra workshops on Science and Mathematics for the High School Teachers. Find more about ASTI 2004 here.

Future years' ASTIs will have topics from other areas of science as wide ranging as from Health Sciences to Quantum Computing. You are invited to help organise one!


The 2004 African Summer Theory Institute was sponsored by the Flora Family Foundation, the Perimeter Institute and the South African National Astrophysics and Space Science Program. It is also supported by the University of Southern California. In order to do this work, we rely on financial contributions from individuals and organisations. Please contact us to find out how to help.
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